Salami Mary Idera

Ph.D. Student
Geography Department
University of California,Santa Barbara



Hello! This is Mary Salami. I am a first year Ph.D. student in Geography at the University of California,Santa Barbara (UCSB) and a member of MOVE LAB ,advised by Prof. Somayeh Dodge .Before that, I received my Bachelors degree(BSc) from Obafemi Awolowo University,Nigeria which my thesis focused on "Comparative Analysis of Smartphones and Survey-Grade GNSS Receivers for Parcel Boundary Determination"under the supervision of Dr. Caleb Oluwadare.

My research interests lie in Spatiotemporal Data Analysis,Spatial Aritificial Intelligence,Spatial Information Retrieval. I mainly focus on building machine learning models to understand human mobility patterns during disease outbreak/natural disaster.For more information about my research experience, please refer to my Curriculum Vitae (PDF) and on our Move Lab website.

During my leisure time, I enjoy listening to music,swimming and internet surfing. You can connect with me through my social media pages, or schedule a meeting with me.